Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Why do we need medical adult day care?

A: Medical adult day care helps people to remain as independent as they can for as long as possible. It offers support and medical supervision to persons who are chronically ill, but still able to remain at home — or who may be ill and living with their families. Pleasant Day is the natural step between healthy living and a 24-hour care facility.

Q: What can Pleasant Day do for you or your loved one?

A: At Pleasant Day we can:

  • Care for your loved one while you are at work, or attending to business.
  • Provide medical care under the direction of your personal physician and supervised by a registered nurse.
  • Help with nutritional needs and provide special diets.
  • Provide transportation to and from the center to doctor’s appointments, physical therapy and more.
  • Assist with carrying out the Activities of Daily Living

Q: What happens at Pleasant Day?

A: Pleasant Day provides a wide range of stimulating activities designed to appeal to everyone. Participants may pick and choose from the following:

  • Stimulating intellectual and physical activities.
  • Regularly scheduled special events like day trips to Ocean City, the Salisbury Zoo, a Shorebirds game, fishing trips, picnics and events held at the center, such as fashion shows, holiday dinners and more.
  • Continuing education classes in a number of subjects, including literature, music and art.
  • Guest speakers and visiting musicians who volunteer from the community and provide information on local history, current events. Live music performances include jazz, gospel and old favorites.
  • Visits with local schools & other children’s groups.
  • A nature trail.
  • Pet therapy.
  • Creative arts and crafts.
  • Reminisce and re-motivation activities

Q: How are costs covered?

A: Private fees are accepted and a limited number of scholarships are available. The State Department of Health and Mental Hygiene will provide services to those who are eligible. The Pleasant Day Center also meets all standards of the Maryland Veteran’s Administration. Maryland Medical Assistance will pay for attendance when ordered by a doctor after the need is certified.